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2023 campaign

Girls' rights: a major issue for equality

Every year, between the start of the school year and the Christmas holidays, TdHF-AL68 organizes a Solidarity Campaign around a country or a theme linked to development.

In 2023 our theme is "Girls' rights: a major issue for equality". Focus on child marriage as a consequence of gender inequality and as a cause of the violation of girls' fundamental rights.
We will highlight the different inequalities that girls experience in the world on a daily basis, we will see several girls' rights violated. This campaign is done through a participatory presentation, and for young people aged 14 and over through our game “Step Forward”


We can also respond to your requests and offer you a suitable intervention, such as food sovereignty or others.

If the main objective of the Solidarity Campaign is to raise awareness among young people, the citizens of tomorrow, this Campaign also consists of raising funds through a sale of candles, a textile collection, a solidarity market in order to allow us to continue our actions , the chain of solidarity that we organize through schools and colleges in Haut-Rhin, but also structures outside of school such as socio-cultural centers, Municipal Youth Council (..) is a wonderful lesson in sharing and mutual aid. We meet on average 15 establishments, 120 classes and raise awareness between 2,500 to 3,000 students. But also around ten structures outside of schools.

Education in international solidarity means changing, from an early age, an often miserabilist and negative outlook on these countries, by promoting their cultural and human wealth. We also provide keys to understanding these imbalances and encourage young people to think about ways to reduce poverty and inequalities.

Old campaigns are still available here;

* In 2022 we focused our intervention on Bangladesh and the importance of education and training for a more sustainable and more egalitarian future in the country. We showed as an example our office automation training project in the country.


*In 2020/2021, we highlighted sustainable development through the objectives set by the UN. We present our association, our actions here and there through these objectives and raise awareness among young people of good practices to preserve their environment for a better future for all! This campaign is still available today, it has been modified, we will also see the eco-gestures that we can do on a daily basis.


*In 2019, we presented our project in Haiti & the life of Restavek children, children who are put into domestic service. Thanks to the Foyer Maurice Sixto, our partner, Restaveks children regain their dignity and solidarity at school.


*In 2018, our presentations focused on the theme of water in developing countries, because it doesn't come naturally!


*In 2017, the Campaign focused on the Philippines and our advocacy actions with children and young people in the slums of Manila.


Terre des Hommes France AL68

18 rue de la République  68500 Guebwiller |   03 89 62 10 92

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