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Senegal Project


Market gardening in Maka Bragueye


Partner:                           Louga training center

Duration of contracts:            3 periods of 18 months each

Last contract:                   from 2022 to 2023

Number of learners:       21 in total, including 11 girls and 10 boys

Total budget:                       21,000 euros or 13,776,000 FCFA

Project objectives

TDHF-AL68 decided to train several young people in market gardening, horticulture and arboriculture.

This is why 21 young people followed two years of training to acquire sufficient knowledge to practice the profession of market gardener.

This basic training is followed by training in management and accounting. This first wave is now able to exploit a market gardening area.

These training courses will be followed by the creation of a market gardening area. It is this project which is the basis of the learning.



Terre des Hommes France AL68

18 rue de la République  68500 Guebwiller |   03 89 62 10 92

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