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Haiti Project


Raising awareness among the Haitian population about the problem

children placed in domestic service called “R

*Restavek: term from the Creole language which means “to stay with someone”.

Partner:                           Foyer Maurice Sixto (FMS)

Duration of the contract:              3 years

Last contract:                  from June 2019 to May 2022

Total budget:                     €60,000 euros




The Foyer Maurice Sixto, located in Carrefour in the western suburbs of Port-au-Prince, helps restavek children in this region. It pursues two goals: to offer them a different perspective of life and at the same time, to carry out awareness-raising activities in order to change their image among the population who consider them as second-class children.

*Restavek: term de the Creole language which means “to stay with someone”.
In Haiti, the number of children living in domestic service is estimated at more than 300,000. All studies show that in general they are not treated well. They are considered second category children by the host family and by the population, in flagrant violation of their rights.

Dangerous out of class! To return home you have to take a very steep rocky road where stones roll under your feet.

At midday, a hot meal is served to each child

Some students take turns serving

After class, this young man takes care of his black pig

9th grade students practicing checkers after class

In 1989, the Maurice Sixto Home was created to provide some relief to the suffering of these children. It allows them to access education, food, leisure, a job and offers them a different perspective on life. At the same time, it carries out awareness-raising activities on the rights and protection of these children, which targets all audiences.

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the establishment of appropriate protection measures for children subjected to the worst forms of labor and mistreatment in the commune of Carrefour. This project is the extension of an action started several years ago. Currently, the emphasis is placed more particularly on citizen engagement and that of local authorities.

During these 3 years, the amount paid was used in particular to finance:
•    Working with host families so that they are aware of children's rights and the worst forms of labor, with a view to transforming relationships with the child who lives under their roof.
•    Advocacy with local authorities to protect children in their jurisdiction.
•    The creation of vigilance committees: committed volunteers from parishes, who after being trained, identify children in domestic service or abused and organize their support.
•    Actions in the media: distribution of leaflets and posters, radio broadcasts, articles in newspapers, information on the website.
•    The promotion of children's talents to allow the public to change their mentality towards them and consider them from another angle.

An evaluation mission took place from May 30 to June 7, 2019 during which we met members and alumni of the FMS, host families, members of the vigilance committees and representatives of local authorities. They are unanimous in declaring that there have been changes in mentality thanks to the actions undertaken by the FMS.

At the entrance to the FMS the establishment’s slogan is clearly visible.

Since the violence perpetrated by armed gangs, children always go to class in groups, under the constant supervision of parents


Terre des Hommes France AL68

18 rue de la République  68500 Guebwiller  |   03 89 62 10 92

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