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There are several ways to transmit your goods in order to continue your commitment and associate your name with the actions of Terre des Hommes France AL68. In its capacity as a charitable association, Terre des Hommes France AL68 is authorized to receive donations as well as donations and legacies exempt from inheritance fees and transfer taxes. Making this gesture for the benefit of Terre des Hommes France AL68 is to extend your desire to see justice, solidarity and respect for human rights defended.


To leave a legacy today is to commit to tomorrow. Any person can choose to donate all or part of their property to a public general interest association through their will.

Do you want to keep the values and struggles of Terre des Hommes France AL68 alive over time? By making our association your “legacy”, you are part of a process of extending your commitment over the long term. Your legacy helps ensure the construction of a just future and a sustainable world for vulnerable populations and for future generations. Thanks to your generosity, we are moving forward with and for them.

To make Terre des Hommes France AL68 one of your legatees, all you need is a simple handwritten letter, dated and signed by you. However, it is preferable to speak to your notary who will give you useful advice.


For more information, contact:


It is your notary who must draw up the deed allowing you to donate personal property during your lifetime.


Taken out as part of your estate, it can be a classic life insurance contract designating Terre des Hommes France AL68 as the beneficiary of all or part of the capital paid after death.


There are sharing products which allow savers to donate a percentage of the income from their savings to a solidarity association such as Terre des Hommes France AL68. 

Share your interests with us to help fund its programs.


Association Terre des Hommes France AL68

18 rue de la République  68500 Guebwiller  |   03 89 62 10 92

Merci pour votre envoi !

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