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Our sales premises


A small part of the clothing that is generously donated to us directly at our headquarters or in our sales premises is sold at low prices or given to people in need here (with proof from the competent services) directly by TdHF-AL68.

Our sales premises in Mulhouse - Colette LEY

The Mulhouse sales premises named in 2019 with the name “Colette Ley” in homage to one of our volunteers is run by a team of around ten volunteers who take turns following a well-established schedule (sorting of items left by people during opening hours of the premises, labeling, putting on hangers, storage & sales).
Buyers come from diverse backgrounds. Firstly the most deprived, those who are in precarious circumstances and who can dress at a very low price with items ranging from 2 to 6 € (trousers, shirt, sheets, sweater, dress, jacket, etc.). There are also students and people keen to consume differently. Indeed, reuse is trendy, cheaper and protects the environment! We sell the items at low cost but we also provide them free of charge to people in need sent by the Social Emergency Service, the Human Rights League and Ass. Home Asylum Seekers, Mulhouse City Hall Action Sociale - A.L.S.A. and A.C.C.E.S...


Mulhouse sales premises

68, rue Huguenin

Céline FURLING - Local manager / or


Our sales premises in Wittelsheim

Our sales premises in Wittelsheim will now be

open every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. & the 1st Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.!


Wittelsheim sales premises

House of Solidarity - rue de Staffelfelden

Christine Haager (Local Manager) - 

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