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Relais EST Partnership

The EST Relay

Le Relais is a network of companies that has been working for 30 years to integrate people in situations of exclusion, through the creation of sustainable jobs. A member of Emmaüs France and the Inter Réseaux de la Fiber Solidaire (IRFS), he carries within him the values of solidarity and generosity defended by Abbé Pierre. It strives to fight against the causes of exclusion, basing its action on the conviction that the return to employment of people in difficulty is a way of helping them preserve their dignity, regain their financial autonomy and their place in the society. To do this, he developed several economic activities, which enabled him to create more than 2,200 jobs.

Among these, the textile activity has experienced rapid development. In just a few years, Le Relais has become the leading textile collection/recycling operator in France.

What differentiates Relais from traditional companies is that it does not seek economic performance for profit, but to achieve its social objectives. Every cent generated is reinvested in the fight against exclusion. This is how the Relais favors maintaining activity in France, as close as possible to the territories, and the creation of local jobs. He also invented an innovative business model, the Socio-Economic Purpose Company, which places its development at the service of people.


Relays in Africa?

Today the Relay is established in three countries: Senegal, Burkina Faso and Madagascar. The idea is simple: share the sorting tool between the North and the South, also create jobs in the countries of the South where some of the clothes sorted in France are sold. It is a real co-development which has already created 400 jobs in these 3 countries. This is the first positive effect! The second effect being that the profits obtained in these countries remain on site to develop other development projects: market gardening in Senegal, dyeing and beekeeping in Burkina (80 tonnes of honey bought and resold in the sub-region). region in 2011!), car assembly and a rice project in Madagascar.


Create jobs in Haut-Rhin?

It is of course possible to continue to create jobs! How to do ? By developing the container network.
This allows communities to reduce their household waste (therefore a big saving for everyone!), while doing something for the environment. And all this helps create new jobs in Wittenheim. Magic? No, it’s possible with everyone’s will.

Participation of Relais Est in TDHF AL68 projects

Le Relais Est and Terre des Hommes Association Locale du Haut-Rhin are partners in the collection and sorting of clothing across the department.

This collaboration continues on certain projects "over there": the Relais is thus participating in the financing of a project to provide access to drinking water and sanitation for the benefit of 2,000 people, in 5 villages in the rural community of Kombissiri, in Burkina Faso.


To find out more: 
The East Relay
ZI Young Woods
Rue de la Hardt
03 89 32 92 10

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